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Enjoy the Ride

  •  “Blisteringly hot.”

     ~ Lia Riley, author of the Off the Map series

  • “I cannot wait to see what Slade comes up with next.”

     ~ Sahara H, Wicked Little Pixie Reviews

  • “Sweet and achy and passionate and genuine.”

    ~ Kanoko, Goodreads Reviewer

  • “Intense, dangerous, and perfectly dirty! Ride Me Hard will leave you breathless.”

    ~ New York Times Bestselling author Skye Warren

  • “The most sensual and seductive story around.”

    ~ Twin Sisters Rockin’ Book Reviews

  • “Pinch me! Am I still dreaming, in the middle of another badass biker fantasy? Nope, I’m wide awake and enjoying the hell out of Shari Slade’s latest masterpiece.”

    ~ iScream Books

  • “Dirty, beautiful, gritty and wild. If I don’t get more right now I’ll die!”

    ~ New York Times Bestselling author Annika Martin

  •  “Shari Slade has a delicious way with emotional angst.”

     ~ The Theory of Lieto Fine Blog

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