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When I first heard about the 12 Days of Christmakwanzaka Blog Hop, I immediately thought about Callie & Tayber from The Opposite of Nothing going home for the holiday. How conflicted Callie would feel. How excited Tayber would be. I hope you enjoy this little bit of naughty-awkward flash fic. And when you’re finished, be sure to check out the other awesome contributions.

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Christmas Mess

Callie jolted awake to the high-pitched beep of a smoke alarm. A line of drool trailed from her cheek to the festive wrapping paper wrinkled over her pillow. Bits of curling ribbon and shreds of paper stuck to her forearm.

“I’m up!” She scrambled off the bed and tripped over the packages she’d stacked on the floor. Shit. Shit. Shit. She couldn’t even stay awake for seven minutes. That’s how tired she was getting ready for their trip home. “I’m coming!”

Tayber stood shirtless in the kitchen fanning smoke out the small window over the sink with a towel. “If you’d told me you were baking cookies, I could’ve kept an eye on them.”

The sight of him thrummed something low and hot inside her, even after months together. The butterflies he gave her still hadn’t faded. She hoped they never did. “It was supposed to be a surprise, that’s why I was all stealthy slipping them into the oven.”

“Babe, only you could screw up refrigerated cookie dough. You know the smoke detector isn’t meant to be used as a kitchen timer, right?”

Her throat tightened at the jab. Usually teasing her about her lack of kitchen skills was fair game, but tonight it hurt. “I just wanted something good before we left. Your presents wrapped all pretty. Warm cookies for the drive. It’s bad enough my parents are going to be awful–”

“We’ve been over this already, Callie.” He wrapped his arms around her, crushing her to his chest. “You know my bar for holiday celebrations is set pretty low. It’s going to be fine.”

“I know, but it’s weird there. I don’t know how to explain it.”

He skimmed up her arms, peeling away bits of shiny paper clinging to her skin.

“Family is always weird.”

“They’re going to ruin your Christmas.”

“As long as we’re together that’s impossible.”

She pressed her face into his shoulder and took a deep calming breath. “We could just stay here.”

“We could,” he slipped his fingers under her shirt, trailing soothing circles up her spine, and nipped her ear. The wicked, teasing edge in his voice eased her as much as his touch. The good teasing. She melted against him. His warm breath fanned over her cheek as he whispered. “But I have this fantasy…”

Her whole body flushed and her pulse tripped and stuttered, picking up speed. He was joking, but it was the kind of joking that could go some place serious quick. “Tell me.”

“I don’t know, it’s pretty bad.” He tickled the undersides of her breasts with feather-light strokes. Her nipples tightened and she squirmed and arched until he palmed them fully.

“How bad?”

“Is it wrong that I’ve been dreaming about fucking you on your Strawberry Shortcake sheets while your stuffed animal collection watches us?”

Her breath caught. In between her anxiety nightmares, she’d been dreaming about the same thing. Almost. Tayber between her thighs in her childhood bedroom. Biting her lip to keep from moaning into the darkness, both of them trying so hard to be quiet. “Yes, completely wrong. And my embarrassing sheets are probably One Direction. I hope that doesn’t ruin it for you.”

“Damn. I don’t know if that makes it worse or better.”

She felt the hard length of him nudging against her hip and laughed. “Better, I think. Do you have a thing for boy bands?”

He squeezed her nipples roughly. Her laugh turned sharp as pleasure sparked where he pinched and zinged lower. “I have a thing for thinking about you naked in inappropriate places. Your bedroom back home is just one of many.”

“Where else?” She wanted to know all the places he imagined her, to know his every dirty thought and fantasy. She wanted to wrap them up for him and tuck them into his Christmas gifts. She pushed up on her tip-toes and caught his mouth with hers.

He smiled into the kiss, slow like honey. Wicked. “The parking garage at the mall.”

She pictured the towering structure, the seemingly endless loop of parking spaces, all the dark corners, every level open to the night air. They’d be simultaneously exposed and hidden. “Inside the car or outside?”

“Are we planning or pretending?”

This could be more. She kissed her way down his neck, sucking and biting and savoring every sound he made. This could be a real thing that they went out and did later and that knowledge pulsed in her clit. But they’d have enough real life to contend with soon. The kind of real life that sucked all the joy out of the holiday season, family and tradition and enforced quality time. “We’re pretending.”

“Then we’re outside. I’m leaning on the hood with my pants open and you’re on your knees naked.”

“It’s awfully cold out. I’ll need something hot to keep me warm. Do you have something hot for me?” A blush scorched across her cheeks at the innuendo. It felt so good to do this in person, without a computer screen and lies between them. And he did have something hot for her. She fumbled with the fly of his jeans, popping the button and dragging the zipper down slowly.

“God, Callie. That mouth…” The way he said her name–low in his throat, all rumbly and dark–made her feel invincible. She slipped out of his embrace and dropped to her knees.

“I do have one of those.” She nodded and tugged at his boxer briefs until his cock sprang free.

No matter how many times she saw it, touched it, tasted it, it always surprised her. The thickness, the heat, the way it jutted and bobbed. She pressed a kiss to it’s head and Tayber sucked a breath through his teeth. “Is this my present? This is way better than cookies.”

She licked the length of him from base to tip and enjoyed his shudder. At least she could do this right. She’d learned the rhythm of his body, the touches and flicks he liked best. She could make him come with nothing but the fast, wet slide of her mouth.

Easy as pie.

The scent of burnt sugar wafted from the still-open oven and Callie winced. Pie would probably end up smoking on the counter like her attempt at cookies.

She’d wanted to give him this perfect holiday evening before she dragged him back to the hell also known as her home town. Cookies and presents and music. Crap. Music. She’d forgotten to put on the Christmas mix she’d made.

All she’d done was fail.

“No. This just is.”

“Are you sure?” He tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled back, tilting her head so they were making eye contact. He plucked something from her waves and held it up for her inspection. A bit of ribbon. He trailed it over her cheek. “You’re looking pretty festive.”

“I’m a Christmas mess.” She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and took all of him into her mouth then. One quick movement that filled her up and kept her from saying anything more embarrassing.

“Fuck.” His curse went to her head faster than spiked eggnog. She hollowed her cheeks and swirled her tongue. With her free hand she cupped his balls. He bucked at her touch, thrusting deeper. “Fuuuck. Not a mess, Callie.

She released him from her grip and suddenly her mouth felt impossibly empty. “Yes I am, but I’ll make it up to you.”

“Is that what this is? An apology? You don’t have anything to apologize for, not even the burnt cookies.”

“I’m just scared that you’ll see me at home, hear the way they talk to me, and suddenly realize…” She couldn’t even say it because rationally she knew it was a ridiculous fear. He loved her. She knew he loved her. And yet there was a small, sad place inside her that still worried sometimes that he’d made a mistake.

Tayber kicked off his jeans and tucked himself back into his boxers before dropping to the floor beside her. He tugged her into his lap. “Stop. Your parents can’t say or do anything to change my feelings–”

“I know.” Back in the circle of his arms, with his chin resting on the top of her head, she felt certain again.

He squeezed her. “I don’t think you do.”

“When you’re touching me I do.”

“Then I’ll just have to keep touching you.”

Callie snorted. “That isn’t very practical.”

He shrugged, squeezing her tighter still. “We’ll manage.”

“That’s the thing. I wanted to do more than manage. I wanted to put a bow on something perfect.”

“Like I give a shit about little bows or perfect anything. You’re all I need, Callie. All I want for Christmas is you.”


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