2014 Glitter & 2015 Flash


The new year rapidly approaches.

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I’m feeling the pressure to make a “best of” list or do some kind of “year in review” but neither of those things is really my style.

Glitter is my style. So I’ve got a glittery giveaway, just for my newsletter subscribers, going out next Friday. It’s a music-related trinket and other goodies to celebrate my favorite rock star readers (that’s all of YOU bee tee dubs).

Flash is also my style. Flash fiction, anyway. I did a fair amount of flashing in 2013 and it was great for my creative soul. I’d like to bring it back, so I’m kicking off a year of Flash Fiction Fridays. I’ll be sending 500 to 3000 (probably naughty, possibly very naughty) words directly to your inbox every Friday in 2015. This has the potential to be AWESOME or an EPIC DISASTER.

where are we going?

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Let’s find out together. Sign up for adventure here.

But wait…there’s MORE!

Maybe you’d like to nab a Kindle? I’m giving one away with these awesome ladies…and if you’ve already signed up for adventure, you’ve got one entry in the bag.


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